Oca Babel at Flip 2019
Sou Auritha cordelista

Sou Auritha cordelista

Written in Portuguese by Auritha Tabajara


Sou Auritha cordelista
Nascida no Ceará
Sou do povo Tabajara
Onde canta o sabiá
La da aldeia umburana
Minha terra é soberana
Pelo toque do maracá.

A vida lá no nordeste,
Não se vive com fineza,
Não aperrei pra nada,
Alguns chamam de pobreza,
Mas se exibe no face book
Nas praias de Fortaleza.

Povo preconceituoso,
‘Inda’ mais com nordestino
Dizendo que somos burros,
Que nós tem pouco ensino,
Na mão de uma tabajara,
Maracá é coisa rara,
Do lado de um granfino

Dizem: O índio que é índio mermo
A oca é a moradia,
Anda nu comendo caça
Numa rede noite e dia,
Não pode usar internet
Porque é tecnologia.

Pois eu sou é nordestina
Tenho orgulho de dizer
Sou tabajara ando vestida
Como o que for pra comer
Uso celular, internet
Porque trabalhei pra ter.

Published July 10, 2019
© Auritha Tabajara

I am Auritha cordelista

Written in Portuguese by Auritha Tabajara

Translated into English by Specimen

I am Auritha cordelista
Born in Ceará
I’m from the Tabajara people
Where the True Thrush’s song is heard
My village’s Umburana
My land is sovereign
For the touch of the maraca.

Life there in the Northeast,
You don’t live it finely at all.
you don’t shake for little things,
Some call it poverty,
Then it shows up on their Facebook
With the Fortaleza beaches.

Prejudiced people go:
“Indian”, furthermore from the Northeast
They’re certain we are dumb,
We have little education,
In the hand of a tabajara
Maraca is a rare thing
When one of them’s around.

They say: The Indian who is a real Indian
lives inside a hut,
Walks naked eating game
In a hammock night and day,
Cannot use internet
Because that’s technology.

Well I am from the Northeast,
And I’m proud to say it,
I’m a tabajara, I’m dressed,
I like to eat most things,
I use a mobile and the internet
Because I worked for it.

Published July 10, 2019
© Specimen


Oca Babel – performances of collective and multilingual writing
Oca Babel is the home of translation and linguistic hospitality: it hosts performances in Portuguese, Tupi, Swiss-German, Italian, broken English, Makushi, Quechua, Japanese, Spanish. Writers and translators from Brazilian, Switzerland, Argentina and Mexico have worked in pairs, confronting differences in languages, sharing visions, writings and voices.
Written especially and collectively for Oca Babel, the texts presented at Flip are the result of these meetings. Oca Babel works with writers of indigenous and African backgrounds, and from other migrations or other margins. The margins need to find ways to be heard: hegemonies need to hear them with the same urgency
Oca Babel runs at FLIP from July 11th to July 13th.

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